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"The crisis will return a more professionalized sector"

14 - Oct - 2014

Successful participation in the conference "Innovative services for a more financial real state sector" that have echoed media such as Inmodiario, Observatorio Inmobiliario and RealEstatePress.


Innovative services for a more financial real estate sector

11 - Sep - 2014

Next Thursday October 2, OPT.A organize the conference " Innovative Services for a more financial Real Estate sector” in collaboration with the Roca Madrid Gallery and with the participation of Mace and KPMG. The session will give a new vision of the real estate sector, immersed in a profound transformation towards a more professionalized model which involve financial partners. Details and download the program


Financial Analysis in Project Management

17 - Jun - 2014

Successful participation in the Third AECMA’s Workshop on "Financial Analysis in Project Management", held at the Madrid Roca Gallery and led by our Managing Partner, Lorenzo Bravo.

OPT.A in the Media

22 - May -2014

The digital portal, echo OPT.A’s most innovative services."OPT.A optimizes the profitability of real-estate assets based on acceptable risk taken by the investor."


Quantitative Risk Analysis

09 - Apr - 2014

We come back to the Medip, this year with a Real Estate Investment Risk Analysis session.Quantifying how technical decisions impact in the financial variables on investment has become decisive in a more financial real estate sector.

OPT.A in the AECMA

04 - Mar - 2014

Since last Tuesday, 25 February 2014, we are members of AECMA. The Spanish Association of Construction Management (AECMA) is the Association of the professionals of the Project Management - Integrated Direction of Project - with application in Building.

ActúaUPM Mention

14 - Aug - 2013

Our functionality and space efficiency consultant Julia Ayuso, gets a mention in the competition Actúa UPM, which aims to support the creation of innovative initiatives in the field of new technologies. The project develops a shutter construction system that provides significant energy savings in housing rehabilitation projects.

Lorenzo Bravo Analista Inmobiliario

Innovation in the MDI

14 - May - 2013

The MDI includes in it´s master program a new module of advanced analytical procedures in which the Managing Partner of OPT.A participates as a speaker. The session deals whith the use of quantitative risk analysis to optimize the profitability of real estate assets.

RAG Building Anida Inmobiliaria Grupo BBVA

Financial Institution Asset

12 - Apr - 2013

OPT.A is part of the multidisciplinary team that won the "Integral Manager" for the construction of an international bank property. The construction project is a flagship asset of the Group's Property Management Company.

Presence in the MeDIP

21 - Mar - 2013

OPT.A's Managing Partner has become a professor of "Advanced Optimization Strategies of Real Estate Assets" for the Master in Project Management at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. The MeDIP is a benchmark institution in the real-estate sector as it has links to the Spanish Association of Integrated Project Management (AEDIP) and the most important Project Management companies.


OPT.A Value Creation Model