we get involved in the full life-cycle of the asset

We analyze the sensitivity of the investment project’s variables to the objectives of profitability and risk, quantifying scenarios to establish the asset optimization strategy.

Our work methodology facilitates decision making in each stage of the development, from the configuration of a portfolio of assets right up to the selection of a construction system.



FEASIBILITY - Strategic Planning

Advice in making investment decisions and portfolio project configuration to obtain the expected return, valuing the acceptable risk depending on each organization's objectives.

Monitoring and planning for investments and divestments to adjust the asset portfolio to the strategic plan, correcting deviations.

FEASIBILITY - Optimum Real-Estate Asset

Advanced analysis of investment projects that allow the optimization of the configuration of uses, typologies and construction systems, quantifying the operation's main financial variables.

Comparative analysis of assets to establish project selection criteria.


DESIGN – Strategy Implementation

Implementation of strategies that adapt to demand during the architectural design and contract execution phases.

Marketing strategy design, establishing review criteria in the implementation phase.

DESIGN – Value Engineering

Comparative analysis to establish selection criteria for construction systems and their implementation in the design and contracting phases.  

Feasibility study of alternative solutions based on new construction system technologies.


EXECUTION – Project Monitoring

Monitoring of key risk and return variables in the execution phase, making projections for project completion to ensure compliance with the planned objectives.

EXECUTION – Alternative Solutions

Analysis and proposed alternative solutions to correct project deviations, keeping within the scope of the investment's initial parameters.


EXPLOITATION – Asset Recovery

Recovery of assets outside the market, defining a configuration of uses and typologies to facilitate adaptation to the demand, allowing for commercialization.

Unfinished asset evaluation to determine its viability in the market, defining appropriate strategies for investment or disinvestment.

EXPLOITATION – Divestment Strategies

Analysis of the main operating variables of the asset in the operation phase, defining an action plan to optimize profitability and sales value.

Planning asset divestment, determining alternative investment proposals according to the objectives of each investor.